Horror Hosts Invade L.A. Airwaves!

20180510_155307Lamia on Horror Hotel, and more

I felt like a kid again, for a little while anyway.  Staying up until midnight to watch an old, black and white horror movie on broadcast TV took me back to my childhood.  I’d seen Bela Lugosi in The Devil Bat many times before, but it was the program’s hostess, Lamia, presenting it on the Horror Hotel show that I really wanted to see.

Continuing in the tradition of those old horror hosts and hostesses — those local TV personalities who would introduce a scary movie on weekend nights — Lamia, Queen of the Dark, ushers us into her realm of classic horror.

Rescan your TV*

A new scan for TV channels brought the Horror Hotel program to my attention.  After scanning, (as recommended be done April 23, 2018), I discovered that Retro-TV is now on channel 63-3 (in the Los Angeles area).  I looked up Retro-TV online and found their schedule and learned about Horror Hotel.  (Retro-TV L.A. schedule, pdf)

As the original vampire, Lamia has been there from the start and she’s seen a lot. (And, at her age, Lamia looks amazing!)  Indeed, it’s the history and stories behind the films that are served up.  Imagine Lamia as the beautiful, fanged, Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies for monsters, and you’ve got it.  She knows her movies inside and out, guts and all, and delivers an onslaught of information and trivia.  (Lamia’s scary mythological history is here.)

Revealed on www.horrorhotel.net is the fact that the brainchild of the Horror Hotel empire is creature feature fan, Ray Szuch.  He got the production rolling with the Int’l Horror Hotel Film Festival and Convention out of northeast Ohio.  His fellow producer, Kristina Michelle, works on a variety of TV productions and also writes and appears as our knowledgeable and tasteful vampiric hostess.

You can watch directly from the Horror Hotel website — Watch the Show!

Three Nights of Horror Hosts!

So, if you’re a fan of the old monster movies, sci-fi, and similar oddities, you can watch them all weekend now on free, broadcast television.

Retro-TV also carries Offbeat Cinema, hosted by a troupe of beatniks and showing a similar slew of kooky, spooky entertainment.

Friday, at midnight (technically the beginning of Saturday morning): Horror Hotel, starring Lamia, Queen of the Dark, on Retro-TV (63-3).

Saturday at 8:00: Svengoolie on Me-TV (56-3); Saturday at 10:00: Offbeat Cinema on Retro-TV (63-3); Saturday, midnight: Horror Hotel on Retro (63-3).  (Horror Hotel will go back to one night a week for a while and should then return to its regular schedule.)

Sunday: Now that Mystery Science Theater 3000 has taken a break, tune in to Retro-TV (63-3) where they show the refined Who Dun It Theatre at 10:00.

I’ll return to the topic of horror movie hosts and post some future entries highlighting the wildest.  A big thank you to Horror Hotel for their inspiration!

*Scan your TV for new channels or locations with help from this guide.

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